Who we are



Our goal consists of providing you with the best skills development tools to deploy the talents you need to achieve your new goals in the face of change.

To differentiate itself, retain customers and sustain its activity, the company must rely on its teams.
Connected to customers, they hold the components of a unique customer experience that suits you.
Engaged and motivated, they will be the key to your success.


Be The Change You Want To See In The World



Our mission consists of providing you with the right ingredients for your full success via a client, human and user-centered pedagogy
and thus lead your employees to become agents of change.


  1. Giving meaning

Help your employees to know your company: its values, its purpose, its challenges, and its contacts, and also help them to know themselves. Knowing who they are, what their strengths and potential are will give them the levers for success, theirs, and yours.

  1. Become agile

Through learning, interactivity and simulation, you will give your employees and your company the opportunity to know how to adapt to any situation continuously.

  1. Assimilate and Act

Follow your employees in the assimilation of their learning and become actors and creators of "Best Practices" alongside them.


The technology used by TALENT MOBILE SOLUTIONS is the most successful today because it has been able to adapt to changes in the market and strengthen business agility.

Today, in our industry, TALENT is the only one to offer an application in its training courses and thus to offer your employees "personal assistance" available at any time.

Efficient and fun, TALENT Mobile Learning offers the opportunity to process information through different types of onboard educational activities that respond to the learning cycle to facilitate the transition from theory to practice.

Our powerful reporting tools allow aggregation of results as well as individual and collective monitoring for each training. Thus, by following our methods, the average retention rate drops from 80% after one month instead of the 20% usually seen during traditional training.

But, without Meaning, there can be no effective training because the stake for everyone remains the adequacy between skills, personality, motivation, personal and professional projects.

We make this teaching a priority because self-knowledge, emotion regulation, and the development of talents remain the key to success.


Message from our Founder, Charles Bourdin

Founder and Hotel Links CEO

"The world is changing, what about you?"

Questioning has never taken on so much meaning as it does today.

After 25 years of career in luxury hotels and upscale restaurants. I see that the perception of luxury has evolved much faster than our methods to meet the demands of our customers. Faced with growing demands from customers and competition from alternative accommodation methods, the hotels that will make a difference will be those that will retain their customers through the quality of service and personalisation.

Quality standards are no longer criteria of satisfaction: they have become the minimum requirement. The notion of luxury today resides in exceeding expectations and the ability of each individual to create emotion through sincere and efficient personalised service.

In other words, we must first invest in motivation and "know-how" while training employees in "know-how".

Florence Comas

Customer Director, Project Manager

"I grew up for 17 years with Relais & Châteaux, a prestigious brand that speaks of authenticity, commitment, humanism and very much anchored in the places where it lives.

As the guarantor of Quality, the backbone of any business, I have been able to recruit nearly 600 hotel restaurants that meet the values of the brand in respect of the requirements and the customer experience.

But, our world is getting complex! We have to adapt to intergenerational tourism, stay well-being, "lifestyle" hotels or even collaborative ones in authentic destinations, all of which are part of the era of digitalization. An adventure where men and women remain at the heart of history and where they will make even more of the difference tomorrow. The agility of your employees, therefore, becomes a priority, not to mention their membership.

Supporting Charles in this new Solution was obvious. TALENT is at the heart of the immediate concerns. AGILITY while leaving creative teams being a driving force in the process of change.

I have dared to change myself, I now put my business skills with conviction, but also my educational and managerial approach and my personal approach to the benefit of the great missions we carry transmission, learning and sharing. "

Elisabeth Carlier Brisbare


Educational engineer
Partner - DigitCP


“With a degree in cognitive psychology, organisational psychosociology and human resources management, my professional career has been articulated in three stages. An operational management experience within the hotels of the Accor group, the Presidency of Actifh International, a consulting and training company specialising in tourism and hotels and now an educational engineering activity which naturally leads me to the digitisation of educational content for mobile.

TALENT and its philosophy fully corresponds to my conception of what a digital tool should be. A means at the service of the training of individuals, as described by cognitive psychology: an active and constructive process, which generates commitment through play.

Mobile learning creates a positive emotion that promotes learning while avoiding cognitive overload. Thus, TALENT respects the data of neuropedagogy by offering professional and current content. In a way that triggers the motivation of the learner, optimises memory anchoring and therefore the creation of new habits.”

Estelle Treiber

Training Manager

Lecturer, then educational manager, I built courses and managed projects for a Swiss hotel school and led an educational team.

Founder of AFD Formation and trainer, I have built tailor-made training programs for companies in the tertiary sector and made available my skills in training engineering for training centres, banks, hospitals, and clinics.

For 7 years, I managed the training department of a 5-star luxury hotel in Switzerland as a Learning & Development Manager and participated in hotel opening projects for the Mandarin Oriental group in France and abroad.